Today our friends painted with cars! Transportation is a great interested with our friends in classroom 2B. We thought what better way to integrate their interests into the curriculum! :-) We noticed that not only did were they very focused while painting with the cars, but some of the children turned it into a math activity, with counting. 

Some of our friends enjoyed finger painting, which we will be diving further into as the year goes along. Ava and Elizabeth shared with Miss Lindsie the images they are creating with the finger paint. 

Mr. Evan is always a highlight of the children's day (Please click on video below). Mr. Evan sends them on a musical journey with stories, props and music integration. 

During morning meeting our friends continued to experiment with high and low pitches (which our sounds). Our friends became the different characters of "Little Red Riding Hood." The children decided the instrument and the way it should be played to represent each character.