During drop off, our friends examined the natural materials on the table. We asked the children "what do you see?" and " Can you draw it?" We discussed where specific materials live in our environment...

"Sea shells... the beach!"- Graydon

"The park!" (branches)- Vivienne.
Exploring these materials allows the children to reassess their own experiences while diving deeper and creating further connections with it. 

During morning meeting our friends added a musical layer to the story "Little Red Riding Hood."  As a class we discussed high and low pitches for specific characters in the book. Then while engaging in an interactive read aloud, we performed with instruments. Any time specific character was mentioned in the book, a friend played a specific instrument to represent the character.  As a class we decided that Little Red would have the highest pitch, while the grandmother would have a medium pitch. The wolf had the lowest. 

Our friends enjoyed Super Soccer Stars with Coach Zack. He gives them wonderful imaginative games, which challenge their agility and foot work. 

During art our friends continued with our sand paper art project. They seemed very engaged with how rough the surface of the paper is and the type of texture it created with the paint.