Last week classroom 2B was very engaged in an experiment with tiny beads. Today we discovered that the beads grew over the weekend. As a class we reflected on the steps we took during the experiment and what we added to the beads to allow them to grow. 

"Water!"- Grayson exclaimed

Through the use of visuals and graphic representation the children were able to reflect on their work and make the connections of how the tiny beads grew. 

The children enjoyed listening to Miss Florence read them a book in the French language called (in the english) "While Mommy was napping." Miss Florence also sang interactive songs with the children to review animals and colors. 

During art time our friends painted on sand paper. Not only did this give them a different perspective of painting, but allowed them to discover the different types of surfaces they can paint on. We had the children feel water color paper and then feel sand paper. Through using their sense of touch the children connected smooth vs. rough.