This week our friends diving into the world of color recognition!  From books, songs, art and activities- we are striving to integrate color into the curriculum this week.  

The teachers noticed the classes overall interest with legos/ building. With this thought in find our friends painted with legos, instead of paint brushes. Not only does this give them a new perspective of painting with a different implement, but it allows them to identify and choose bold colors.

During morning meeting our friends identified the colors of their clothing and danced on their picture dot when the color of their shirt was called.

We will continue having fun with colors through the rest of this week and throughout the school year.

*Also we began our October self portraits as well. Once each child has completed one, they will be hung up in the classroom. The evolution of a self portrait from September to June is really remarkable.  We look forward to witnessing the growth of everyone's work throughout the year.

Books and Songs:

We read....

* My Many Color Days

* The Feelings Book

* Peppa's First Pet

We Sang...

* Tiny Turtle

* If You're Happy and You Know it.

* Color shirt song