Today classroom 2B dove right into the wonderful world of music! As many of you are aware, our yearly intent is music. Classroom 2B is stripping back the many layers of music and asking ourselves " What makes music??" or "What is music?" As we silently observed the children manipulate these found objects and turn them into instruments, it was quite fascinating to watch! Many of the children tested cans and pieces of tin to see which sounds were high pitch and which sounds were low pitch. We also observed how each child felt the need to sing with their new found instrument (especially the morning meeting song).

Miss Isabella introduced a new instrument to the children today, which is a "Vibra--tone." When struck, the instrument maintains pitch for an elongated period of time. Each child were given the opportunity to play it and test how long each pitch could last.

As you can see from the pictures below that some our friends LOVEDtesting out their crayon costumes today!