Today Classroom 2B really got in the Halloween spirit! Upon arrival the children created spiders out of clay. Once they dry, they are able to take them home with them.

During morning meeting our friends picked out pumpkins and discovered our new letters of the week, which " E, F, G and H." Next week we will move on to new letters. At the end of morning meeting we sang a song about fall while holding paper leaves and at the end we threw them up into the air as a class.

Miss Debbie read a funny book about a little ghost, who scared himself. This inspired us to make our own ghost puppets. The children LOVED using their puppets to scare Vivienne's Dad, Chris (The pictures taken from that moment are pretty adorable).

Mr. Evan inspired the children to get up dance! Through the art of storytelling, he took the children on a journey about a pumpkin ghost.

** Thank you to Elle's mom, Mindy, for the yummy pumpkin bread. The children loved it!