Today was our friend Theodore's last day in classroom 2B. He and his family are moving to sunny California! During morning meeting we sang a new airplane song, while the children explored musical instruments. Many of the children expressed where they have gone on an airplane. Our friends created a "Good luck," card for Theodore. Inside the card the children told us why they love Theodore. 

Theodore, Filipa, Clement and Augustus:

Best of luck to all of you. Classroom 2B will miss you!

Our friends were also engaged in a literacy and counting activity during morning meeting. Each child opened up a little plastic pumpkin. Inside the pumpkin was a letter. Then they would say what letter was inside their pumpkin. Afterwards the class counting the pumpkins as they went back into the basket.

Miss Florence sang songs which went over the parts of the body in the French language. ead (le tete), foot (pied), nose (nez), elbow (coude).

uring art our friends painted with Q-tips on aluminum foil, which gives them a different perspective of painting. This also allowed them to explore the sensory experience aluminum provides, with sound and texture.