Now that our friends picked out our classroom pumpkin, it is now time to discover what was inside!

The teachers asked the children what do you think is inside the pumpkin?

"A tu tu!"- Camille

"Juice!"- Elizabeth

"A potato!!" - Elizabeth

"A tiger!"- Valdi

After we stated our predictions, we opened up the pumpkin with the guidance of Miss Debbie.  Each child put their hand inside the pumpkin and scooped out the inside of the pumpkin.

"Squishy."- Theodore

"It's yucky!"- Ava

"Seeds!"- Graydon

Prior to carving the pumpkin, during morning meeting each child practiced making a pumpkin face on a felt pumpkin.

Now that we had the practice, the children were ready to create a face for our pumpkin. The pumpkin is now sitting in our classroom and we have observed the child acknowledging their experiences with it from earlier that day...

"Look! The Pumpkin! Squishy!"- Camille

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