Today our friends were inspired by music. Upon entering the classroom the children engaged in shaking paper that makes a loud sound. The children learned quicklythat the more they shake the paper, the more sound it makes. The children enjoyed music class with Miss Isabella as they continue to learn about forte (loud) and piano (soft). Our friends love utilizing the musical instruments throughout their day and today they even wanted to perform! As you can see from the pictures below, they stood the big card board box up right. They utilized the flaps of the box as " curtains," of stage. Miss Debbie announced their name and when the "curtains" opened whoever was ready to perform would be revealed! Classroom 2B loves music and we can tell how much music truly influences their personality and work.

Books and songs:

We read...

*Little Blue Truck- Halloween

*Peppa's First Pet

*Hands are not for hitting

We sang...

* I'm bringing Home a baby bumble bee

* ABC's

*Old Macdonald..

* Tiny Turtle

* Name game song

*Fall song