Classroom 2B has been studying apples all week and today we made our own apple sauce. By young children partaking in the process of cooking, it allows them to strengthen their physical and cognitive attributes. First the children cut a slice of red apple with a plastic knife, even though this may have been a little challenge for some, they continue to strengthen fine motor skills by cutting the apple. They are experiencing step by step directions, while listening to what comes next. Throughout this process they are able to identify past experiences of cooking or food they have eaten before- such as an apple. This allows them to try new foods too.  Naturally cooking allows them to strengthen their mathematic skills as well. 

At the end the big reward is enjoying our finished product by eating it! :-)

Books and Songs:

We read....

*Little Blue Truck- Happy Halloween

*Bunny Cakes

* Llama, Llama Time to Share

We sang...

*Fall is coming

* Way up High in a Tree

* Tiny Turtle