Everyone working so intently to create a surprise for Janaris :) 

Happy Birthday Janaris! We were all a little sad that you weren't at school today to celebrate, but we'll have a little party on Monday instead. We all sang Happy Birthday and sent a video to Janaris- and we worked on something special for her for Monday. 

Thank you to Dylan's family for bringing in carrot pancakes for our shared snack this morning- they smelled delicious! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Books & Songs

  • The Gruffalo, The Mitten, Jamberry, Tap Tap Bang Bang
  • We had music with Isabella this morning and listened to some African music- we rowed a boat along the shore and "looked" at birds, butterflies and beautiful trees along our journey. We also practiced hitting the xylophone keys in order (do re me fa so la ti do).

Art & Sensory

  • Painting at the easel
  • Gluing lots of wooden pieces into a recycled cardboard structure 
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Drawings

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building bridges with translucent pieces
  • Building with hollow blocks - Angelo made a very tall structure and was so proud of it! We kept it up in the classroom for most of the morning until he was ready to take it apart with his friends. 
  • Number line puzzles
  • Legos
  • Train tracks- Bowen and Zara worked together to make a train track this morning


  • Our usual fun times in the gym! We also took down the wooden boat to play with today.