We are diving head first into our subway project this week as we get ready for our big "art opening" next week! Everyone has taken a turn sitting down and drawing his or her own subway (or variation thereof). We are also starting to come up with some names for our classroom station stop. We'll put this up to a vote tomorrow and Friday but here are the latest suggestions:

Number 8 Station- Juliet

D Station- Dylan

The Police Station- Angelo

The Bus Station- Zara

Fish Station- Olli

The Station- Joseph

Blue Station- Bowen

Mama Papa Station- Charlie

Subway Train Station- Samuel

And here are some snippets of conversation from our drawing sessions:

"Yellow train. One on the train, the line is the one. There's a rainbow! Now a purple train," Bowen announced as she added different layers of color to her drawing. 

"It's the Number A train," Juliet decided. "The 2 train. It's going away to pick more people up." 

Samuel said, "The subway, I'm making. The train station. It's a green train. I'm making my train as a rainbow. My one will be a rainbow train." 

As soon as we sat down, Joseph said, "I want to make the subway!" Olli watched him work and was eager for his own turn. As soon as he grabbed his paper, he shouted, "CHOO CHOO!"

"I'm going to draw the purple train. It's leaving," Zara said. 

Angelo decided, "The train is going to the police."

And Dylan said "I'm going to draw the blue one. I'm riding the subway. The yellow is the D train."

Books & Songs

  • Some of the many books we read today include: Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, It's Summertime, Giraffes Can't Dance, On My Way to the Bath and more!

Art & Sensory

  • Yellow paint on cardboard to start making our own metrocards
  • Beading work
  • Drawing our subway/train images
  • Sandbox

Math & Manipulatives

  • Magna-tiles
  • Train tracks
  • Building kit
  • Legos
  • Pegs


  • An obstacle course in the gym!

Dramatic Play

  • Zara and Joseph gave Juju a haircut