This morning we were very focused and content in our work. We started to create some drawings of our families. Everyone was so excited to give details to their Mommies, Daddies and siblings. We can't wait to reveal these special portraits soon. We also did more work toward our subway station. We started to create a subway map with plenty of lines. And we made another mosaic tile collaborative piece. Next week we are hoping to start creating our subway, but we are still looking for a giant box! 

(Sorry for limited pictures today- we were so involved with listening to your children's stories and conversations that photos took the back burner today). 

Books & Songs

  • Giraffe's Can't Dance, Polar Bear Polar Bear, Look! Peter Rabbit, Spot's ABCs, The Little Engine that Could
  • Lots of instrument play today

Art & Sensory

  • Map creation- drawing with black crayons
  • Family portraits / Samuel was being very silly while drawing his portrait. He noticed that he had drawn a lot of dots on the bottom of his paper and said, "My eye ball popped off!" and then, "My belly and belly button popped off, too!" / In Juju's portrait, she made sure to include her cat, Meow Meow. / Every time Charlie drew the mouth on one of her family members, she would start laughing. 
  • Mosaic tile (clay with ceramic tiles)
  • Painting

Math & Manipulatives

  • 12pc jigsaw puzzle
  • Magna-tiles and a continuation of cooperative play and sharing
  • Experimenting with various fabric swatches- Olli was especially interested in filling different things with the fabric (boots, bags, pots, etc.). It's also good for color and pattern recognition. 

Shared Snack

We had our shared snack today, because it was Kedar's morning to bring snack (and he's not in school on Fridays). We had some yummy tortilla chips with guacamole. Then, after lunch, we had a mini cupcake. Thank you Kedar for bringing us such yummy snacks today. 


Jumping, running "laps," throwing balls to one another, practicing kicking soccer balls . . .