Happy 3rd Birthday Zara! This morning we celebrated Zara's birthday with her Mommy and Daddy. We got to sing, watch her blow out the candles and eat some yummy cake. We hope you have an amazing year, Zara!

We also had a practice fire drill this morning. We did such an awesome job walking outside and back inside. Great job, 2A.

Books & Songs

  • Duck in the Truck, Polar Bear Polar Bear, Baby Bear, Panda Bear, Hiding Phil, Where is the Green Sheep?
  • Happy Birthday song!

Art & Sensory

  • Painting a special number 3 for Zara's birthday with watercolor
  • Starting to work on some of our recycled material art festival work- we painted a subway light pole! We have a couple more to paint tomorrow. 
  • Gluing and collaging

Math & Manipulatives

  • We worked together as a whole group to build a house for animals. Samuel called it the "animal playhouse." 
  • Building with Legos


Climbing, hiding in the tent, and rolling on the ball in the gym. 


We observed our butterflies today. They are doing a lot more flying around now! We came up with a few names for them "Baby" "Argah" and "Pretty Baby Butterfly."