What a busy busy morning!! 

We dyed Easter eggs (Thank you Bibi, Lara and Olli for bringing in the eggs, and thank you Juju for bringing in all the wonderful colors for us to dye the eggs with).

We made Matzoh pizza with Galit and Joseph for Passover.

Then we tried to find hidden pieces of Matzoh. Traditionally one piece of Matzoh called the Afikomen is hidden and all the children get to search to find it and win a prize. Today we all won prizes! Thanks for such a fun search!

We played in the gym to help burn off that delicious Matzoh pizza.

When we came back to the classroom it was time to make icing and frost our hot cross buns with Samuel and Nina! We listened to the hot cross buns song, and tasted our delicious treats. Thank you for providing the tasty tradition for us!

Finally, we ended the day with a pizza party! Now we can see the difference between Matzoh pizza and regular pizza! 

We hope you have a great break and have many adventures the next week and a half. We will see everyone back on Wednesday, April 19th!