We were full of dramatic play this morning! Zara, Juju and Samuel dressed up as animal doctors, and we got into a conversation about how pets have doctors, and so do people. We do similar things when we go to the doctor that happen when animals go to the vet. Juju worked on giving all of the animals a vaccination. "When I go to the doctor, I get sad," she said. Samuel noted, "I also go to the dentist, and he's like a doctor. He looks at my teeth." Angelo commented, "Lucky goes to the doctor!" (that's his puppy). "The doctor is for when  you are sick and you don't feel really good," Zara added. Later in the morning, Bowen was a people doctor and checked on Rachel's heartbeat and looked in her ears to make sure she was a-okay! 

Books & Songs

  • Don't Push the Button, Five Little Ducks, When Sophie Gets Angry, Really Really Angry, Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, Five Green and Speckled Frogs, All Aboard!  and even more! No matter how busy we are, there is always time made to read more stories together. And through reading we are really starting to develop a sense of humor and understand when things are silly and jokes. 
  • We sang "Hello, hello, hello and how are you? I'm fine, I'm fine, I hope that you are too." ABCs, and all the books with songs in them.

Art & Sensory

  • Painting with Spring inspired pastel colors
  • Gluing pastel colored squares 

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building houses with hollow blocks
  • Using big tubes as ramps for cars and trains (and Janaris also showed everyone how to project their voices with the tubes too!)
  • Puzzles
  • Building with pegs, bristle blocks, legos & more
  • Magna-tiles

Dramatic Play

  • Lots more cooking in the kitchen
  • Playing with the pretend fire extinguisher
  • Still trying on various boots, shoes, and things that can go on our feet!
  • Using a cardboard box as our subway train


A new challenge today- can you climb up the gym equipment with only your strong muscles!?