This morning we were so excited to make our own egg baskets!! They were waiting for us on the table, and we were SO eager to get to work. Kedar's Mommy, Geeta, helped us decorate with sequins, stickers, and spring themed pictures. We can't wait to dye some eggs and fill up our baskets. 

Books & Songs

  • Don't Push the Button, The Ants Go Marching, Five Little Monkeys, Mister Seahorse, When Sophie Gets Angry, Really Really Angry, Five Little Ducks and more!
  • We did a lot of books with songs today

Art & Sensory

  • Drawing with markers
  • Decorating our egg baskets

Math & Manipulatives

  • Bristle blocks- Samuel made a "Stair monster" because his creation looked like steps. Angelo, Dylan and Juju realized that the bristle blocks look like a brush and started brushing Rachel's hair!
  • Building with hollow blocks
  • Legos - One of Joseph's favorite activities is loading up the lego car with single pieces until no more will fit. He then uses the pieces to do cooking projects in the kitchen. And sometimes he hides the pieces in bags and baskets. 

Dramatic Play

  • Lara likes to make families of animals that are similar (i.e. all the big cats become one group or family). 
  • Zara does lots of mixing and cooking and has been using our oil and water bottles to "pour" into her creations. She's also a budding photographer and taking everyone's photo!