Something very exciting arrived in our classroom this morning- CATERPILLARS! We counted them together and saw five teeny tiny caterpillars inside our jar. They are busy eating and getting bigger and fatter right now. We'll watch them grow, create chrysalises, and hatch into beautiful butterflies! So exciting!!!! We talked about them all day long. 

-> Tomorrow we will be selling copies of our SUPERHERO book!! We will be accepting donations for the charity Heroes & Hopes (anything between 10-20 dollars would be appreciated, thanks!)

Books & Songs

  • Polar Bear Polar Bear, Baby Bear Baby Bear, Find the Duck, No More Bottles for Bunny, Don't Push the Button, The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • We sang: Fly Like a Butterfly, ABCs, If You're Happy and You Know It

Art & Sensory

  • It was MESSY THURSDAY!! We tie dyed our t-shirts today. Everyone helped to spray the different colors onto their shirts. They look amazing! Everyone will be able to wear them or bring them home tomorrow after we heat-set the dye. 
  • Drawing superheroes for our special book we're going to sell tomorrow!
  • Drawing with markers and pastels

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building with hollow blocks
  • Pegs & mosaic pieces
  • Train tracks & cars

Dramatic Play

The kitchen was such a popular destination today! Every single piece of food was on plates and in bowls and were distributed around the classroom. We also had a lot of dress up happening. Samuel became a firefighter, and Zara packed up a backpack ready to go to school. Charlie took care of a baby monkey all wrapped up in a blanket and Joseph got the bags ready with lots of different accessories. 


Swinging, jumping, balancing, and climbing in the gym today.