This morning we were treated to a special music session with Josie! I think our favorite was shaking our bodies with our bean bags and testing if we could keep them balanced on our heads, elbows, tummies, and knees! What a fun challenge. We also got to dance with butterfly wings (Scarves), and move our legs like we were riding a bicycle (Bowen was really funny- she kept insisting that she didn't have a bicycle, just a scooter!). 

Our whole morning was filled with music. In fact, we listened to music in everyone's home languages! We listened to Russian folk music and children's songs, Hebrew children's songs, Dutch children's songs, Portuguese children's songs, and we also danced around to Samba music and Indian Sitar music. We talked about some new instruments, like the sitar and accordion. 

Plus, we made our own instruments! After using the beans for a growing experiment, we used them to fill up "maracas" and after they were sealed, we painted and decorated them. Now we each have our own special shaker! 

Books & Music

  • We had a variety of instruments available for exploration this morning. We've gotten really creative in how we play drums and what we find to be the drum sticks! We're also enamored with the cymbals!
  • We read: Green Eggs and Ham, My Truck is Stuck, Llama Llama I Love You
  • The songs we practiced with Josie are going home with you today and tomorrow so you can sing them at home, too!

Art & Sensory

  • We used oil pastels to color some musical notes and we'll paint them at some point this week so we can make music a visual presence in our classroom.
  • Juliet and Angelo painted their flower pots today
  • We continued making butterflies- it's our new favorite form of art!

Math & Manipulatives

  • There has been a bigger drive to build things in the classroom lately. Every block like object is used for stacking and building.
  • Puzzles
  • Looking at acrylic coated insects on the light table
  • Legos

Dramatic Play

  • A lot of friends were taking care of babies today, and making sure they found blankets and clothes to keep the babies warm.
  • More cooking in the kitchen
  • Filling up bags with different toys from around the classroom- experimenting with weight, area, and space.


Our usual fun time in the gym, playing with one another.