This morning everyone was a little confused, but excited to check out the new layout of the classroom. "The kitchen moved. The clock didn't move." -Dylan noted. It feels like we have even more space to play and test our theories. It allowed us to be in separate areas, or come together with toys on the rug and work together. 

Have a great weekend!

Books & Songs

  • Five Little Ducks, The Mitten, Diapers Are Not Forever, Pete the Cat and the Train Trip (Joseph said "That was a really nice book."), Baby Bear, No More Bottles for Bunny
  • We sang- ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, Skip to my Lou

Art & Sensory

  • Bowen painted her flower pot & made her butterfly
  • More butterfly paintings (symmetry paintings with folded paper)
  • Tempera painting
  • Drawing with tempera sticks, markers, and oil pastels

Math & Manipulatives

  • Some of us have become very interested in clocks and time. We have a clock puzzle filled with all different shapes and colors, and it's prompted some conversations about what time we do things, and how to tell time (this concept is very tricky, but we're laying the foundation). 
  • We got a new caterpillar counting puzzle that has numbers 1-10 on it. Hopefully this will help us with sequential thinking & number recognition. 
  • Building with blocks, legos, bristle blocks, stackers

Dramatic Play

  • Wearing different sunglasses
  • Bowen & Zara were doctors giving Rachel a check-up. Rachel "has an ear infection" and has "water in her ear." But her heartbeat was normal! :) 
  • Cooking in the kitchen and having a conversation about our bodies not going inside the fridge- the fridge is just for our play food. 

Music with Isabella

  • We started learning a new song- Do Re Mi and played those notes on the xylophone