Today we placed a little elephant into water and thought about what might happen to it overnight. It happens to be one of those toys that grows 600% bigger in the span of three days. We are very excited to see what's going to happen when we check on the elephant tomorrow! Here are some of our predictions:

Joseph: Elephant, elephant. Green! Blue! He's in the water. 

Dylan: It's going to get out. He's just going to be in there. He's gonna swim. 

Zara: It's going to turn red. 

Samuel: It's going to turn green.

Angelo: Blue! I want to make it big!

Olli: Uh-oh!

Lara: No! Sleeping.

We also talked about Baby Pinky- a little stuffed animal that is going to go home with everyone for one weekend! You'll take Baby Pinky out and about on all of your adventures and take some photos. Then you'll write in a little journal and share with the class. A sign up sheet will go out very soon- be on the look out!


Books & Songs

  • Little White Rabbit, The Three Little Pigs, Truck is Stuck, Pancakes!
  • We sang: Happy and you know it, There is a friend at school today, ABCs, Wheels on the bus

Lara likes to find all of the big cats and match them up with the little ones.

Art & Sensory

  • Flubber with different tools and animals
  • Model magic
  • Painting
  • Drawing with chalk (Dylan said that the chalk was making sprinkles when he saw bits of chalk dust on the paper). 

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building and exploring blocks filled with different colored water
  • Number puzzles
  • Samuel likes to take out our match and count puzzle and pretend that the counting side are different tickets, depending on the image. For example, one has a bunch of dinosaurs on it and he always goes and finds the big dino and gives him the ticket. 
  • Magnets

Dramatic Play

  • Vehicles- airplanes and subways // we've been role playing and having lots of conversations about how transportation works and why we use it. We even talked about the different food we have on airplanes and what we watch during long trips. Plus, who we travel with. Zara was excited to share, "In like a few months we're going to Toronto, and we take the airplane to Toronto. I go with Emil and Remy." Samuel said, "I go on the airplane with Mommy, Daddy, and my brother."
  • Cooking- Lately we've been cooking up our animals! Samuel made puppy, elephant, and raccoon and Angelo made a "hot dog." 
  • Dylan kept giving Rachel a shot and promising her a cookie afterward :) "Rachel, you're sick. You're at the doctor. You need a shot. Then a cookie!"


  • We went out for a buggy ride through the park and felt the nice breeze! Sometimes it was a little blustery, but the air felt good and refreshing. 
  • We played like crazy people in the gym, jumping, running, and engaging in games with our friends.