We had a very busy morning today! First we had a special visit from Dylan's Mommy, Ilanit. She brought two of Dylan's favorite stories. The first was in Hebrew, and was called "The Night Without a Moon." We followed a little girl as she tried to find the moon on a very dark night without any stars. She finds the moon in a cabin in the woods partying with a lonely man. They make a deal that he can party only one time each month and the rest of the time the moon must stay up in the sky and keep it light. Then we read the book Rosie Goes to Preschool by Karen Katz. Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with us!

After the stories were finished, we made guacamole together. Everyone was able to slice tomatoes and onions, squeeze lime juice from fresh limes, and scoop avocado from their skins. We all got to eat some of the yummy guacamole after gym with some pita chips. 

Have a fabulous weekend!

Books & Songs

  • Mighty Mighty Construction Site, Juju brought in a couple of Princess stories that we read together, and we had the two books from Dylan's home to read. 

Music with Isabella

  • During music with Isabella, we sang the "hello song," and then we were able to play the xylophone and experiment with the different notes. We also sang/read Subway book, and the "goodbye" song.

Playing the xylophone video: https://youtu.be/rfLk12eqTfU

Art & Sensory

  • Charlie finished working on her "C" for our classroom alphabet
  • Drawing with oil pastels on black paper
  • Taking photos for our class alphabet

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building with our wooden animal puzzle
  • Hollow blocks
  • Pegs
  • Legos


  • Lately we have been putting the balance beam up at an angle and working on getting down while on the beam- some of us are getting really good at it!