Today we were lucky enough to have an extra long gym time! We were really able to use our bodies and get out lots of energy. We were building houses, swimming, dancing, tiptoeing on the balance beam, and having a really amazing time playing with one another. 

Books & Songs

  • During circle time we sang: Good morning, Days of the week, ABCs (in English and in French), Wheels on the bus, The ants go marching (our new favorite song), Itsy bitsy spider & a few more. Tomorrow we'll be practicing our new rhymes and songs again and working on making our own bean bags. 
  • We read: If You Take a Mouse to School, The Three Little Pigs, Duck in the Truck (a couple times, we love this story), Pete the Cat and the Five Little Ducks

Art & Sensory

  • This morning we worked on gluing translucent letters and letter beads onto one of our drawings. We're going to take some special alphabet photos next week and need to get our backdrop ready!
  • We looked at the letters we decorated last week that represent the first initial of our name (our special pictures are going to hang up with these letters!). We're making our class name alphabet!
  • We repeated the activity with pom poms and tweezers and worked on our fine motor muscle skills. 

Special Cooking Project!

Joseph and his Mommy baked mini cupcakes and we were able to apply frosting and sprinkles to the cupcakes today! Thank you for sharing them with us, Joseph! Delicious. 

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building with tinker toys and a tube- we started figuring out which of the tinker toy pieces could fit down the narrow tube, and which were too wide. 
  • Building with magna-tiles and working on castle creations
  • Building with hollow blocks

Juju counts all the books with Olli, and then reminds him that her favorite was "Room on the Broom."

Dramatic Play

Joseph and Zara spent a lot of time cooperatively cooking in the kitchen! They had lots of pots and pans out and different toys used to represent spoons for their baking processes. Samuel collected all of the bowls and distributed them to everyone. Angelo continued making soup, this time with lettuce and cheese! 

Science Project

We checked in with our science project, and the egg is already starting to shed its brown color! We cannot wait to see what will happen next!

You can see the brown peeling off and some of it on the sides of the container, too.