This morning we had a very special guest come to our classroom: Josie! She is a current 3's teacher, and is an expert in children's folk music and rhymes. She shared three rhymes and three songs with us. What's even better? She's coming back on Wednesday, April 26th to show you, the parents, how you can use these interactive movement songs at home. The kids absolutely loved singing and dancing with Josie today and we can't wait to share her knowledge with you. On Friday I'll be sending the rhymes and songs home so you can get a sneak peek before the 26th. I'll get back with a time schedule very soon!

Books & Songs

  • Llama Llama Home with Mama, Panda Bear Panda Bear, Pancakes! 
  • We sang: Roly poly, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, Butterfly song, Wind the bobbin up . . . and more!
  • We also had a dance party with scarves after Josie left 
  • We voted on our favorite books from literacy week:

Zara: I Want My Hat Back

Samuel: Room on the Broom

Angelo: Room on the Broom

Dylan: Room on the Broom

Joseph: Subway Sparrow

Juju: Room on the Broom

Olli: Room on the Broom

Bowen: Brown Bear

Charlie: Where the Wild Things Are

Lara: Still undecided

Art & Sensory

  • Using tweezers to pick up and move pom poms
  • Drawing with colored pencils and crayons with photos of the subway for inspiration

Soccer with Coach Carolina

We all had the chance to score some goals today! We also moved our legs far apart so we could "ride the train" with Coach around the small cones. We also used our strong kicks to knock down the tall cones. 


  • In our sensory table we had many different sea shells and sea creatures to explore with magnifying glasses. 
  • We started a science experiment today. First we poured vinegar into a jar (and then we smelled the vinegar- it's kinda stinky). Then we placed one brown egg into the vinegar. Now we're going to observe over the next few days and see what happens to the egg. We made our own hypotheses, but what's really going to happen is the vinegar is going to eat the shell and we'll have a fully in-tact egg that we can see through! I think that the "sparkly" theory that you'll see a lot below has to do with the fact that bubbles immediately surrounded the egg after we placed it into the vinegar. 

Zara: It's going to turn pink

Samuel: It's going to fly. 

Angelo: It's going to get sparkly. 

Dylan: It sparkles!

Joseph: Egg in there going to make it water. 

Juju: Sparkly. 

Olli: Egg, mmm!

Bowen: It's going to get very sparkly.

Charlie: That's an egg.

Lara: Baby egg, bye baby!

Math & Manipulatives

  • This morning a ramp was set up and we did some experiments with different cars to see which would be the fastest. Dylan decided the cars were going to the parking lot at Costco. 
  • Building with pegs
  • Building with hollow blocks. Bowen made a house tower for the animals. 

Dramatic Play

  • Samuel and Angelo made soup together
  • Zara baked a cake with lots of baking soda and salt
  • Trying on really big shoes- we are still looking for more shoe donations :) 

Parents- there were more photos but we had some technical difficulties! Sorry about that!