Continuing with our evolving sense of community and shared creation, we worked a lot with hollow blocks today. At first we made a bed for the purple monkey (that Juju loves so much), and soon it morphed into a people bed, and then a chair. Before long it was an elevator, a tower, and so many other wonderfully creative things! 

We also had another mystery reader- Kedar's Amma, Geeta, read us two wonderful books complete with props! She read Let's Go For a Drive! with Elephant and Piggie (by Mo Willems), and Click Clack Moo.  Thank you for sharing the stories with us, Kedar & Geeta. 

Books & Songs

  • Maxi the Taxi, Peppa and the Big Train, Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?
  • We listened to classical Indian music with Sitars and danced with scarves this morning. 

French with Florence

During French today we learned the names of different fruit and vegetables in Florence's basket. We also sang Ring-Around-the-Rosy in French, and did The Days of the Week. Here's a video of the days of the week!

Video is located here:

Art & Sensory

  • Gluing recycled painting circles and drawing on black paper with oil pastels- strengthening those finger and hand muscles so we are ready to make some amazing drawings and pre-writing soon!
  • Painting with tempera paints

Math & Manipulatives

  • Constructing with legos - this morning Olli worked really hard on creating a little world for the Lego people to play in. Samuel was also hard at work making a big cake! Every time Janaris asked if the cake was ready, Samuel would say, "No it not ready yet!" and would get a little cranky. When it was finally finished, Samuel insisted that it wasn't anyone's birthday. 
  • Building with hollow blocks cooperatively and learning that we cannot push them over. We need to respect when someone else is working and let their building stay. Another Samuel quote, "I gots big muscles to hold this block up!"
  • Building houses with magna-tiles
  • Play with different animal figurines


Playing with lots of tennis balls and practicing our throwing skills in the gym today.