This morning was filled with focused and productive play with many different materials. We had the opportunity to express ourselves with liquid paints, tempera paints, colored pencils, markers, silly putty . . . and building materials. We have been focusing more on including our friends while we are working rather than trying to horde materials and work independently. We are trying to develop a bigger sense of trust between peers that they will not destroy or ruin what a child is working on, especially while using blocks or magna-tiles. This willingness to cooperate will help foster stronger relationships and will blossom creativity as children put their thoughts together and build upon each other's ideas. Of course this is a work in progress- we are only two! But we have made so many leaps and bounds in patience, willingness to share, and openness in allowing others to help us. 

Books & Songs

  • Peppa and the Big Train, How to Build an A, Duck in the Truck, Pete the Cat: Five Little Ducks, Llama Llama Yum Yum Yum, Rainbow Kittens, Mister Seahorse and more!
  • We have been making up our own songs or singing different little tunes throughout the day. Sometimes these songs are personal and are just happening between the child and what they are working on, and sometimes they are louder and more inclusive and get other children to start singing with us!

Art & Sensory

  • Silly putty- Charlie started using this first and realized quickly that you can stretch it really really long before it will break. Olli and Joseph also worked with the silly putty and figured out different ways to roll it and stretch it out. It also has a really interesting color to it that changes in different light and at different angles. Sometimes it was red, gray, or blue!
  • Painting with liquid watercolor over our oil pastel drawing. The more paint we applied the brighter our oil pastel lines became. They really started to "pop" with the paint. And little bubbles of liquid would form on top of the oil pastel because oil and water don't mix! 
  • Painting with tempera paints in spring inspired colors- Juju made "Humpty Dumpty" by creating fast circular motions with her paintbrush. 
  • Drawing on notepads with colored pencils
  • Drawing with markers on a long collaborative paper - Olli drew "meow meow" cats all over the paper. We have also had an increased desire to draw on our bodies with the markers (please let us know if this is something that you'd rather your child didn't do; we find that it's OK to allow children to use their bodies as a canvas as long as they are working with non-toxic materials).  Juju especially likes to use the markers to color her fingernails and toenails.

Math & Manipulatives

  • We went on a search throughout the classroom to try to find missing pieces from our new clock puzzle! We did a pretty good job looking, but we are still missing one more piece. This puzzle is great because it has numbers 1-12, starts exposing children to concepts of time (which are very difficult to understand), and has twelve different shapes. Joseph has especially demonstrated an interest in shapes, and we read the book Ship Shapes often to talk about half circles, crescents, rectangles- and many other shapes. 
  • Building with magna-tiles - Juliet decided she wanted to build a castle. Rachel helped erect the initial walls, and then Juju started to construct the rest of the castle. This captured the attention of her friends, and Joseph, Dylan and Lara joined in and helped build the walls even higher. 
  • Train tracks - Angelo worked independently to create a very large train track, which Janaris helped connect at the end. Train tracks are great as a free form puzzle and strengthen hand-eye coordination, sequencing, and structure. 

Dramatic Play

  • Since we have been putting our bodies into the kitchen instead of playing with the fridge for dramatic play, friends noticed that the door was taped shut today. We gave the kitchen a little break so we can talk about the rules before it opens back up!
  • Bowen, Charlie and Joseph wore different animal masks. Bowen said, "The bear doesn't say hello, he says GROWL!" 
  • Dylan pretended that the hollow blocks were different locks and used different objects as keys to try to unlock them. 


In the gym we did a lot of jumping, played a small game of chase, and went down the slide.