This morning we focused on another special story- The Subway Sparrow by Leyla Torres. We were so fascinated by the story! A little sparrow gets stuck on the D train in Brooklyn, and suddenly the whole train car of people are trying to figure out how to safely capture the bird and release it outside. Another wonderful quality of the story is that it includes many different languages from the characters, such as Spanish and Polish. Eventually, the people work together and capture the little bird in a scarf. 

"The bird is stuck!" - Joseph

"If I got stuck in the air, a bird would help me." - Zara

"Why is the bird stuck? It's so scared!" - Juliet

"I think it's at Astor Place." -Dylan

"Oh no! Bird bird bird!" -Olli

"The bird got outside. It's happy outside." -Angelo

A big thank you to those who have contributed books to our classroom- we have absolutely loved adding to our collection and sharing new stories with your children!

Books & Songs

  • Little Red Gliding Hood, Bot + Boy
  • We also read our Baby Pinky journal and saw how Juliet played with her during the weekend. Baby Pinky has already had so many snow adventures! We can't wait to see what Baby Pinky gets up to next! If you haven't picked a weekend, we still have many left to choose from. 

Art & Sensory

  • Model magic explorations
  • Making a collage on sticky paper with: Ribbons, paper flowers, tissue paper and recycled pouch caps. "Is it glue?" Zara asked- we are definitely making associations with what is sticky! Lara was fascinated and delighted that her stuffed puppy kept getting stuck to the sticky paper. Kedar enjoyed putting pieces of ribbon down and then working hard to peel them back off the sticky surface. 
  • Everyone painted and decorated a wooden letter for their first initial. We can't wait to hang up our name alphabet! It was also really wonderful to see everyone being so patient as they waited for a turn to paint and glue. It was such an intriguing project that most friends sat at the table and watched their friends as they waited for their own turn. 

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building with Legos
  • Building with magna-tiles: Juliet made "a palace for Pinky."
  • Stacking with pegs
  • In the gym, Zara used big circle dots to make patterns and said she was "making a puzzle." 
  • Recycled materials

Dramatic Play

  • More doctor play and taking care of each other
  • Baking, cooking, and shopping in the kitchen
  • Zara invited Samuel to play with her and they filled up baskets together and shared foods with one another. 
  • Dressing up with animal masks and shouting through the mega phone!


  • Using the swing, driving the "subway," and moving all the pieces of equipment around in the gym.