Happy Literacy week!! We started the morning off with a wonderful visit from Zara's Daddy, Samir. He brought two books to share with us, I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen and This is Not My Hat also by Jon Klassen. They were funny and interactive books, and we really enjoyed having a special reader. We're looking forward to more Mommies and Daddies reading with us throughout the week. (If any other relatives are around and want to come in and read with us, that's great too!!)

We also read a new story that we haven't read in class before, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. It's one of Rachel's favorites. What are your favorite stories from childhood? We'd love to read some of them!

Also- if you'd like to donate books to the class, we have a pile by the entrance of the room that are perfect for our classroom. If you'd like to buy one (or a few), simply find them in our pile, buy them at the front desk, and bring them back to the class. Thank you in advance for growing our library and supporting early literacy in our classroom. Honestly, this class loves books and we cannot get enough variety!

Books & Songs

  • George Has a Cold, Pancakes!, Where the Wild Things Are, The Ants Go Marching, Super Rawr!
  • We listened to Peter & The Wolf two more times! We all really really enjoy this story. Are there other musical stories that you know of? Please share! We are always looking to broaden our repertoire. 
  • What's your favorite book?

Zara- I Want my Hat Back

Juliet- I like Ariel and Flipper

Lara- Polar Bear

Bowen- The Pout Pout Fish

Angelo- I want to be Superman

Joseph- Brown Bear

Charlie- The wolf! (Peter and the Wolf)

Dylan- Pancakes!

Olli- Whoo! Whoo! (Maybe Baby Owls?)

Art & Sensory

  • Mixed media collages- bottle caps, ribbons, flower beads, and pretend flowers on foam sheets
  • Drawing with a variety of writing materials - Zara drew many self portraits today! Olli worked really hard on peeling all of the paper off of the oil pastels so everyone could use them more easily. Juju used the markers to color her finger and toe nails!

French with Florence

  • This morning we did a lot of singing and dancing with Florence. We sang Alouette, Savez Vous Plantez le Chou (pardon my spelling, I'm guessing!), and we did a French version of Ring-around-the-rosy. We also counted all of our friends in school and worked on colors by using blocks that we needed to clean up!

Math & Manipulatives

  • A lot more building continued throughout the classroom. We built with translucent stackers, pegs, and legos.
  • Tinker toys & building kit
  • Train tracks
  • Puzzles- matching numbers to the correct amount of objects. 

Dramatic Play

  • Dylan "I need to go to my doctor. My doctor will give me the medicine. I'm getting on the bus to the doctor now. The doors are closing." 
  • Zara "Rachel, did you go to the doctor?" "Yes, I wasn't feeling well but I got medicine and I'm feeling much better." "Did you take all the medicine?" "Not yet, I still have a little bit left." "You need to take all your medicine! I'll be the doctor and check you." 
  • We are still looking for more shoes for our dress up corner if you have any to spare- thanks!!


  • Rolling balls, going down the slide with many friends at a time, running in circles  . . . a very fun and exhausting gym time!