This morning was filled with a ton of green activities to choose from. Green magnatiles at the light table, green collage on black paper using different shape cut outs and green painting on white paper. The jumbo sized legos were very popular today as well as the pegs. We saw some amazing stacking going on. 

Gym and Movement:

Although, we did not have music with Isabella today many of the children were asking for "Peter and the Wolf". We played it several times and each and every time the children were so excited. "Roar!" said Charlie every time the wolf's part would come up. Angelo asked "where is Peter?" which Juju responded "I don't see him." 

Making of Slime: We made green slime today. We took turns adding ingredients and at the end added a few drops of food coloring to make it green. It was a bit bouncier than expected but it was still very fun to play with. "WOW! BALL!" exclaimed Ollie when he realized how bouncy the flubber turned out to be. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day from 2A!