This morning our elephant was even bigger! We poured out the cloudy water and added some fresh water to see if we can get it to grow a little bit more. Bowen added, "I really like that elephant." And Zara still insisted, "I still think it's going to change green!"

*Please note that Buckle My Shoe will be closed tomorrow due to Blizzard Stella. All NYC DOE Public schools are closed*

Books & Songs

  • Two little blackbirds (Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill, one named Jack and the other named Jill. Fly away Jack. Fly away Jill. Come back Jack. Come back Jill), The hokey pokey, Wheels on the bus, ABCs
  • Pancakes!, Tap Tap Bang Bang, Don't Push the Button, Rawr!

Art & Sensory

  • Painting with shades of green in preparation for St. Patty's day and Spring!
  • Flubber play
  • Drawing with oil pastels
  • Playing with a large roll of paper
  • "Snow" cotton balls in the sensory table

Math & Manipulatives

  • Recycled materials on the light table
  • Tinker toys
  • Filling different jars with pegs
  • Train tracks

Dramatic Play

  • Zara, Charlie and Joseph were filling up baskets and walking around the room together
  • Dylan made tea and fresh water to share
  • Taking care of baby dolls and putting diapers on them
  • Trying on different shoes and boots


In the gym we did a lot of cooperative play and worked on building our strong muscles!