*Don't forget- Picture day is next Wednesday!! *The week of March 20th is Literacy week and you can sign up to be a guest reader *Please sign up to bring "Baby Pinky" home for a weekend*

Our pink elephant grew a little bit overnight! Here are some of our observations:

Angelo: It's big!

Zara: It's gonna be green now?

Joseph: It's green now. Green! It's growing! (It's still pink)

Charlie: Big!

Dylan: It's gonna be blue.

Bowen: It's pink. It looks like an elephant. 

Angelo: The elephant is eating it (the water). 

Dylan: I forgot blue in the store. It's going to turn it blue. 

Olli: Uh-oh. What this is?

Lara: Elephant! Pink pink!

Joseph: What's in the water? Elephant!

Bowen: It's gonna get bigger, Joseph.

Joseph: I want to get it out.

We will observe our elephant again on Monday and see if it's gotten any bigger. It's been a really wonderful conversation starter, and we've grown an attachment to our little elephant already!

Books & Songs

  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Pancakes!, The Three Little Pigs, Tap Tap Bang Bang, The Gruffalo
  • We had music class with Isabella today. We continued listening to Peter and the Wolf and matching instruments to characters. 

Art & Sensory

  • Flubber
  • Loose parts and recycled materials
  • Gluing tissue paper circles
  • Cotton ball "snow" in the sensory table

Math & Manipulatives

  • Hollow blocks and animals
  • Train tracks
  • Magna-tiles

Dramatic Play

  • Bowen and Dylan were doctors working on healing Rachel with medicines and shots. 
  • Zara did a lot of cooking in the kitchen, and also started putting diapers on the baby dolls with Charlie. 
  • Dressing up in different shoes- we had red boots and sparkly sandals donated for us to play with- we hope to get more shoes soon, it's a huge interest that we all share right now. 


We played with the lights off in the gym for most of the time today! It was soothing.