A few friends were able to start drawing their animals today, and soon we will get to work on the masks. We'll have to mix up some flour and water to make a paste for the paper mache! Messy but fun work. I have heard a lot more conversation about feelings, and especially the affect other children can have (i.e. "It makes me sad when Rachel doesn't share the toys.") 

Samuel felt like an Owl today, with big wings.

Juju felt like a bunny with two long ears.

Lara still felt like an Owl, hooo hoooo.

Angelo was feeling like a butterfly today, light and airy and ready to fly!

Joseph decided that he felt like an owl today, and made sure to make his round body and round eyes.

Zara, from the first time we read the story, decided that she was a rabbit. She was so excited to draw herself as a rabbit, and made sure to make four legs and a puffy tail, plus the two ears on the sides of her head. 


Also, here's a funny video of Pinky playing in the kitchen after the kids went home, I'm sure they'd enjoy watching!


Books & Songs

  • For circle time we sang: There is a girl/boy in school today, Jump in the water/sun/rain/snow, Ring around the rosy, and we did a "Freeze parade" where we all had instruments and marched around the room and froze every time the music stopped playing. 
  • We read just as many books today as we did yesterday! It's what everyone is interested in doing most lately. Here's a selection of books: Ten Bluebirds, Ten Gingerbread Men, Ten Baby Bears, Animal Babies Peek-a-Boo, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?, Red Light Green Light and more!

Art & Sensory

  • We painted with cotton balls again today, with metallic paints this time.
  • Beading onto pipe cleaners
  • Drawing with crayons and markers
  • Drawing our animals before we make masks

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building with hollow blocks
  • Peg stackers
  • Magna-tiles
  • Counting during our books
  • Recycled materials and light table toys
  • Experimenting with "the wheel"- Dylan likes to take out this round piece of wood and call it the wheel. He's used it as a car wheel, a tire, and many other rolling objects. He also figured out he can stand it and roll it around. 

Dramatic Play

  • A lot of friends were filling up baskets today and pretending to pay for their purchases of food. It was a lot of fun to go shopping!
  • Once the food was purchased, there were lots of picnics and munching at the table. 


Enjoying playing with our friends during gym time. Everyone seemed to want to be near each other and interacting!