With such beautiful weather today, we couldn't help but go out for a walk (sorry, no photos because we held hands). Everyone was full of conversation as we walked! My partners were Dylan and Angelo, and they were so observant. Dylan talked about how the moon comes out when it's time to go home, but the moon wasn't out yet. Only blue sky and some clouds. Angelo noted that when there are clouds, it rains. And we observed our shadows on the ground and talked about how the sun makes the shadows. When we were in shady areas with no sun, there were no shadows anymore. We can't wait to go out for more walks soon, and hopefully a trip to the park in the near future. 

Have an amazing weekend!

Books & Songs

  • Subway, Owl Babies, Old MacDonald, Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes

Shared Snack

Dylan brought in crepes and two different spreads- dulce de leche and chocolate hazelnut. We all took turns taking little scoops and filling up the crepes. Yum! Thanks for a delicious snack, Dylan and family.

Art & Sensory

  • Model magic
  • Gluing an alphabet collage
  • Magnet and metals play
  • Painting with recycled paint (we used old markers that no longer draw and submerged them in water to make new watercolor paint!)

Math & Manipulatives

  • Mosaics
  • 3-D puzzle that makes animal faces and has different animals on each side of the cube
  • Recycled materials
  • Stacking pegs

Dramatic Play

  • Both in the gym and in the classroom, there was subway play happening. Juju used our play metrocards to swipe onto the subway and Dylan became the conductor and announced all the different stops on the 4/5/6 line. We made a little box that has a few different station names and their respective letter/numbers. 
  • Bowen spent a lot of the morning in construction mode wielding a hammer and "fixing" different pieces of furniture in the classroom. 


Out for a neighborhood walk

Running around, practically in circles, during our gym time! I think Spring fever is definitely hitting now that we don't have to wear so many layers!