This morning we took a special walk outside and headed over to Tribeca Treats! Since the bakery couldn't accommodate us for a field trip, they promised us some sprinkled cupcakes instead! Everyone did such an excellent job holding teacher and parent hands as we walked the three blocks over to the bakery. We also did such a great job not touching anything inside the store. We got to watch as one of the bakers put the sprinkles onto our cupcakes, and then we walked back to school to eat them! 

Have a wonderful long weekend- Buckle My Shoe will be closed Monday and Tuesday for President's day. 

Thank you to those who have turned in their field trip forms already- please bring them next week if you haven't already. And note the prices- $15 for children, and an optional $20 for parents. The children will be tasting bucatini (spaghetti), and the adults will have cheese ravioli. 

Books & Songs

  • We read: But Where is the Green Sheep?, Good Night Good Night Construction Site, Pete the Cat: Old MacDonald, Pete the Cat: Twinkle Twinkle, The Gruffalo, Potty  and more!
  • We sang: Good morning, Around and around, Jump in the water, Days of the week

Art & Sensory

  • Water table with animals
  • Drawing on bookmarks

Math & Manipulatives

  • Loose parts on the light table
  • Watching ooze tubes and bubble tubes (we should be getting some new ones next week- a volcano and tornado ones!)
  • Building with hollow blocks- Lara and Olli did a lot of constructing and building today
  • Building kit. Dylan likes to build "fire" and makes a little structure that looks like a Menorah. 

Dramatic Play

  • Tea, tea, tea! We have been making tea a lot this week in the kitchen. We've been stirring the tea a lot and making sure to put it in the fridge to cool it down, too. 
  • Baking cakes in the kitchen


  • We listened to Peter and the Wolf today and talked a lot about the instruments used to make the different characters. Next week we will have all of the characters and instruments printed out so we can start playing a visual matching game rather than solely auditory. 
  • Some of us felt that the wolf's music, played by french horns, was a little scary. It also seemed louder than other instruments in the piece. 
  • We also listened to "In The Hall of the Mountain King" by Greig and noticed that the music gets faster and louder as the song progresses


  • Walk to Tribeca Treats and back
  • Gym time- we ran, threw balls back and forth with Janaris, went down the slide, hid in different spots between the gym equipment, and gave each other a lot of hugs and love.