Thank you to everyone who came for our Valentine's breakfast this morning, we truly appreciate all of your participation. Having parents at school makes it so special for all the children- they were so excited to have you there! We hope you have a very happy Valentine's Day and spend it with those that you love most (and who adore you and talk about you constantly- your children are always telling us about you!). 

We sent home big envelopes filled with all of the valentines, some from classmates, and some from Rachel, Janaris & Jennifer. If you didn't come to school today, we have your Valentines waiting for you!

-There are not many photos from today, but please enjoy these special Valentine's portraits; if your child doesn't have one yet, we're working on it (the snowstorm kept us from taking photos of the Tues/Thurs friends)-

Books & Songs

We read so so many books today, we can't possibly list them all. Here are a few that stand out, and that we truly love to read! Llama Llama I Love You, Duck in the Truck (this book is definitely a new favorite, and is most asked for right now!), The Three Little Pigs (we love that this has a wolf just like Peter and the Wolf!), How to Build an A, Oh No!, Ship Shapes, Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too . . . and more!!

Art & Sensory

After the party, most of us spent some time painting- mostly with brushes, but a little bit with our hands, too. The feel of paint is irresistible, I can't blame anyone for wanting to sink their fingers into it! We used bright pink, light orange, and gold to make some lovely warm paintings. 

We also did some drawing. We had a little banner with all of our names on it, and helped to decorate with our lovely drawing skills. 

Math & Manipulatives

A big heart was on the rug this morning, made out of blocks and covered in different red objects from around the classroom. Soon the heart pieces were pulled up from horizontal to vertical and became elevators! The red pieces soon rode the elevators up and down. 

We also did some building with tinker toys (pieces you can build that have moving parts)


We played lots of different instruments, and also started using some of our recycled materials as instruments. Can you help us collect some fun recycled materials? Pots, pans, lids, jars with lids, coffee tins, corrugated cardboard- anything that might produce a sound or could be used to build an instrument would be much appreciated. Hollow wood would be great . . .I'll make a short list to help. 


Play time in the gym, complete with lots of throwing and catching today. We also did some dancing with scarves, and some swinging on the "tire" swing. We love to sing "Five Little Monkeys teasing Mr. Crocodile" while we're in the swing. 

Dramatic Play

Some of our favorite dramatic play pieces are recycled boxes from different baking mixes. We like to fill the boxes with different materials and pretend we are baking cakes. If you have any such boxes, please bring them in. We are using them as a form of pre-literacy, story telling, and imagination based play. Thanks!