This morning snow was on our mind! We used black paper with white and silver paint, plus plenty of glitter and epsom salts to sparkle it up! Next week we're going to make collages for each type of weather so we can use it during circle time. One of our jobs will be "Weather helper" and go to the front door to look out and see what the weather is for the day. We'll be charting it, too, to add a mathematical component. 

Books & Songs

  • We read: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Panda Bear Panda Bear, Railroad Hank
  • We sang: Good morning, Around and around, Days of the week, The colors are hiding (the game from yesterday- we were SO excellent at guessing which one was missing today!!), and we used rhythm sticks to tap our names and say good morning.
  • We did our yoga book once we were done singing. I think giraffe is our favorite pose, or perhaps butterfly! 

Art & Sensory

  • Black paper with white and silver paint, cotton balls, epsom salts, and glitter
  • Using oil pastels to design big A B C cardboard cuttouts. We'll be decorating the whole alphabet and hanging it up prominently in the classroom. 
  • Painting wooden frames
  • Beading on pipecleaners
  • Epsom salts in the sensory table (reminiscent of snow)

Math & Manipulatives

  • Bowen really loved exploring the new building kit. She used all of the tools to pound, pull, and twist the different pieces. Sanjay and Joseph joined her. 
  • Fitting the plastic snowflakes into different colored boxes
  • Building with translucent legos on the light table 


  • Playing on the swing in the gym. We sang some great songs: Five little monkeys swinging in the tree, Rock-a-bye baby, The Itsy Bitsy Spider (and then Sanjay sang it to us in Spanish all by himself!), ABC in English and French. 
  • Jumping, sliding, tumbling, and laughing! 


We talk about our emotions all of the time- and today we did it for a purpose. We're going to make a chart of different feelings using our own facial expressions. Here are some of the very fun ways we express ourselves just by using our faces!

Dramatic Play

  • Making tea. Bowen decided to make "Coffee tea" for Rachel and Janaris.
  • Juliet loves playing with the lamb puppet and making it eat silly things.