"Are you a unicorn?"- Rachel "No, I a pony." - Juliet. "I a pony, too." -Samuel

This morning we had some new toys ready for us to explore. We had a big building set complete with tools. We were able to make some pretty interesting things with some moving parts. The set has some "nails" and some "screws" so that we can attach parts that can swivel, parts that can be used as wheels, or parts that are sturdy and stable. (I'll have to get some pictures tomorrow- we were so busy building that we forgot to capture some photos!)

Don't forget:

  • Rachel is sending a new shared snack schedule this evening since we have some roster changes in the classroom. 
  • The NYC Philharmonic field trip is on Monday, January 9th. We'll be leaving from school at 9:15. Please bring a snack. 
  • Please come to our curriculum evening next Tuesday from 5-6. You'll meet the 3 year old teachers and learn more about our 3's program. It's going to be an amazing and insightful event. I highly recommend it!

Sometimes the containers are more interesting than the toys. Kedar and Juliet thought that these round cylindrical boxes made pretty good drums. We did some tap tap tapping!

Books & Songs

  • We did quite a bit of reading this morning: If You're a Robot and You Know It, Five Green and Speckled Frogs, If You're Happy and You Know It, Pete the Cat: Four Groovy Buttons, Subway, and more.
  • We sang: Good morning, Jump in the snow, days of the week, skinny ma rinky dinky dink
  • We played a new game with a fun song "All the colors are hiding, where could they be? All the colors are hiding and one is missing!" While we sang I removed one of the markers I had under a blanket and we had to guess which color wasn't there. We'll keep practicing- after a few times, everyone started to really pay attention and notice which weren't there. 

And sometimes the container becomes an essential part of our wardrobe, too. 

Art & Sensory

  • Watercolor painting
  • Clay with different wooden pieces 
  • Playdough
  • Oatmeal and beans in the sensory table 
  • We made thank you drawings for Santa
  • Drawing with solid tempera sticks on paper - Zara is doing a lot of prewriting by making squiggly and up and down lines that resemble writing.

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building kit // Sanjay was able to make some moving parts and attach pieces together. Zara helped Rachel build a little shelf. Samuel used the tools to hammer in the nails. 
  • Wooden pieces on the table
  • Duplo blocks // Kedar gathered all of the pieces and put them back in the bag. Juliet wanted to build a big house. Samuel made many different buildings and also stacked a very tall tower on top of the car piece. 
  • Puzzles // We have a hedgehog puzzle that has numbers from 1-10 that has both numerals and dots. We do this puzzle quite a bit! 


  • Bouncing, kicking, and throwing balls in the gym today
  • Using a rainbow tunnel in the gym- Samuel kept proclaiming, "I'm stuck in the rainbow! You need to come here and help me!"

Dramatic Play

  • Juliet and Rachel used puppets and made up different voices for each "character." And different actions. 
  • Zara and Samuel used the animals from our sensory table and we thought about what emotions they were feeling today- happy, sad, scared, angry, excited, etc. - we will be creating a 2A emotions board very soon! We are going to be "ramping up" our circle time with discussions about emotions, talking about the weather, and also creating a job chart for weekly jobs in the classroom (like circle time conductor who will select songs, help sing good morning, and will count all the friends each morning!)
  • Cooking up a storm!! Sanjay was particularly fascinated with the egg carton and worked really hard to get it open and shut. He found some play eggs and put them inside, named their colors, and counted them. Zara helped find all of the eggs in the kitchen and they worked cooperatively. 

Have an amazing night!