This morning was filled with sensory experiences. We had oatmeal and black beans in our sensory table, a tray with epsom salts to work on our fine motor drawing skills, bags filled with colored shaving cream on the light table, and painting at the easel- to name a few! 

Books & Songs

  • We did lots of singing this morning: Good morning, Get up and dance, Jump in the snow, Jump in the water, Days of the week, Wheels on the bus . . . and we did some of the songs a few times by special request! 
  • We read: Subway, The Wheels on the Bus at the Zoo, Go Away Big Green Monster, The Apple Farmer . . .and more!
  • We listened to some music and moved our bodies after circle time today.

Art & Sensory

  • Oatmeal/Oats and black beans in the sensory table with animals 
  • Drawing with circle stickers, markers, and oil pastels
  • Painting at the easel
  • Mint playdough
  • Self portraits- Samuel and Bowen
  • Tray with epsom salt and some pre-writing stencils
I draw mine two eyes. I have hair. I have scraggledy hair.
— Samuel
That’s me! I draw me!
— Bowen
I am going to make a pancake. You see my pancake? I can make another pancake.
— Sanjay
I am making a picture. A pink picture for me!
— Zara
I making Mommy.
— Juliet
Roll it. Yellow one!
— Joseph, cutting his playdough with a yellow tool

Math & Manipulatives

  • Shaving cream bags on the light tables with clear snowflakes. Sanjay and Juliet were making prints in the foam with the snowflakes. 
  • Building with magna-tiles. 
  • Puzzles

Soccer with Coach Sabine

  • Our soccer coach from last year, Sabine, joined us today (she's the best!). 
  • We had a great time learning not to use our hands as we kicked the ball into the soccer nets. We also played a super fun game where we had to wake Sabine up by gently kicking the ball at her. 

Dramatic Play

  • Bowen was checking up on the dinosaurs ears today to make sure he didn't have any boo boos.
  • Zara still has a baby in her tummy. She played with different fabrics and a clear bin to try and get the baby's crib ready. 


  • We checked our mailbox today and had quite a bit of mail to look through! We got a big envelope from Ava's Auntie Rose who lives in England. We had many different postcards with: double decker buses, red telephone booths, the royal family, and the flag of England! 
  • We revisited our mail from the Flower Tots school in Ireland. They made us handprints as a welcome, and we want to make some handprints back.