We were so excited to see snow falling as we went into the gym today! We looked out the windows and saw lots of snow coming down. We also saw two fire trucks go by, and the firefighters waved at us as we played. 

We also continued some Chinese New Year activities and used chop sticks for painting today! I wonder how else we can incorporate chop sticks into our play? 

Books & Songs

  • We read: Train and Pete the Cat Rockin' In My School Shoes
  • We sang: Good morning, Around and around, Jump in the snow/water, and did Ring around the rosy a few times- we are experts at making our own circle and holding hands with friends now! It's amazing how quickly the circle is formed now!

Art & Sensory

  • Experimenting with small plastilina (soft clay that doesn't dry) balls and cardboard
  • Drawing with markers, tempera sticks and crayons- Zara made a picture of her Mommy and also drew a heart for her Mommy
  • Colored water and bubbles in the sensory table
  • Model magic- Samuel made lots of big and small snowmen
  • Painting with chopsticks

Math & Manipulatives

  • Juju made herself a seat out of the hollow blocks, and also had the monkey sit on the chair, too.
  • Angelo, Sanjay and Joseph worked on number puzzles today. Samuel also used the puzzle, but he likes to call the pieces "tickets" and tries to sell whatever is on the card (like cupcakes or lions or ice cream cones). 
  • Stacking pegs

French with Florence

We spent our French time re-reading the book of colors and playing with the pom-poms. We also sang one of our favorite songs about waking up and being hungry and thirsty. 


Gym time was spent lifting and moving the balance beam, jumping on the gym equipment, driving on the car, and throwing balls around the gym.