This morning we were very busy! Our friend Angelo came back after a long vacation and his friends were so excited to see him! "Hi! My name is Juju!", said Juliet as they were playing together in the sensory table that was filled with water. Bowen said, "look Janaris! Angelo is here!" The children painted with gold and red on white paper. These paintings will be cut and transformed into Chinese lanterns for Chinese New Year. The water table consisted of red water as well (water mixed with red liquid watercolor). Squiggles were on the table and there was a ton of cooking in the kitchen happening too. Zara even made her own picnic on the rug.

French with Florence: During French, Florence read a book with a character that many of us were familiar with: Peppa Pig! Throughout this story, the children lifted up flaps on each page having to count the objects underneath. After the story, we then sang some favorite songs including the ABC's, the Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels On The Bus.

Gym and Movement:

After gym, the children did even more for Chinese New Year. They painted plates red and gold to create fans and painted on one half of the paper. After it was dry the paper was folded and rubbed creating the same design on the other half. Tomorrow, we will add googly eyes and ribbons to make dragons.