Playing Ring around the rosy together and cracking up every time!

This morning a few friends sat with Rachel to have a conversation about different clothing and items we wear during different types of weather. Here are some snippets of our conversation:

Rachel: What do we wear when it's cold and snowy outside? 

Samuel: Mittens. Hat. Coat. Socks.

Dylan: And shoes. And we go home!

Rachel: What about if it's hot and sunny? What would you wear to the beach?

Samuel: Shoes, pants, and t-shirts. I wear Crocs at the beach. 

Rachel: It's really rainy outside today! What will keep us dry?

Joseph: A blue umbrella!

Samuel: A rain coat.

Dylan: Daddy needs umbrella because it's raining.

Rachel: And what do we wear at night time? What do you wear to bed?

Samuel: My sleep sack.

Joseph: Pajamas.

Samuel: I like spiderman pajamas.

Dylan: Pajamas. 

Joseph: Joseph wear slippers!

Books & Songs

  • We read a lot of books today: Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, The Pigeon Needs a Bath, The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, Go Away Big Green Monster, Pezzetino & more.
  • We sang: Good morning, Jump in the snow/water, Days of the Week, Ring around the rosy

Art & Sensory

  • Drawing with crayons and markers
  • White clay- we used rolling pins and a heart cookie cutter to make some early Valentines decorations. Then we sprinkled red glitter and pink sand on top to decorate. 
  • After we made the hearts, some friends continued using the clay and worked on making lots of coils. We are coil experts! We pretended that they are snakes, bracelets, and ropes! 

French with Florence

  • Today Florence read us a story about Colors. We got to see different parts of nature for each color. 
  • Then, we each chose a different pom pom and practiced saying the color in French
  • We learned how to sing the days of the week in French

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building with magna-tiles
  • Using tinker toys to make "lollipops" and "Ice cream"
  • Legos
  • Number puzzles


Samuel made up another story in the gym today. He decided that his name was "Elf Shelf" and he wanted to catch all his friends in his rainbow sack. When he was done, he got in the car and drove back to the beach.