Enjoying our feast together! 

We had some really beautiful moments this morning as we all sat on the rug together, built a table out of our hollow blocks, and made a little picnic. Juliet made sure to get plates and/or bowls for everyone. Joseph brought over a big bag full of different foods. Bowen brought the cups over. Dylan made sure to tell everyone, "This one is your plate. This is your food." After our picnic, almost everyone decided to get out the babies and start bundling them up in blankets. The dramatic play is definitely taking off!

I am eating the pancake!
— Juliet

Books & Songs

  • We sang: Good morning, Days of the week, Open shut them, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, ABCs, Wheels on the bus
  • We read: Owl Babies, Owl's Night, Go Away Big Green Monster, Pete the Cat: Four Groovy Buttons

Art & Sensory

  • Gluing circles, inspired by Kandinsky
  • Coloring with pastels, crayons and markers on a big paper with numbers 1-20 on it. 
  • Painting
  • Dylan painted his wooden frame today
I’m drawing so many circles!
— Juliet, working on making circles around all the numbers
I’m all messy!
— Joseph

Math & Manipulatives

  • Hollow blocks
  • Building with foam shapes
  • Number sequencing puzzle
  • Magna-tiles
  • Tinker toys
I can build a house!
— Bowen, using the foam shapes
I need to build another table.
— Dylan, after we cleaned up the first table.

Dramatic Play

  • Taking care of babies
  • Picnic together
  • Filling up and carrying around assorted bags and backpacks
  • Talking on the phone
Hello? Hello? Just bring it outside. Outside, Ok?
— Bowen, as she spoke on the phone.
Baby need a blanket.
— Joseph, as he covered up his babies with three different blankets and then lay down with them.

French with Florence

  • We read a book about a Mommy and baby elephant that had a lot of compare and contrast scenarios- Mommy is big and strong and I am little, etc.
  • We sang our ABCs in French
  • We sang a song about planting seed with different parts of our bodies 

Gym time!

Gym time is our bonding time- we have been giving so many hugs, love, and encouragement in the gym. One of our current favorite games to play is to say "Help! Help! I stuck!" Then friends will rush over and "rescue" their friend. No one is ever really stuck, but it's a great way to grab a friend's attention and play together. We are transitioning from parallel play (next to each other), to a more relational play where everyone would like to actually engage a peer in their play. Exciting! This usually happens closer to 3 years old, so we are ahead of the curve!

One chibuk (pronounced he-buke // hug) and one neshika (kiss).
— Dylan, to Joseph and then Juju. He gave them one of each. Then he came back and repeated this a second time.