We've been looking at this images a lot, and really thinking about all of our different feelings and emotions. And how we can make others feel.

We had another very quiet morning in the 2A room today with only three friends in school today! This gave us time to really spend a long while with activities. We first explored some big foam shapes and sorted them by color. Then we did a lot of rolling and coil making with model magic. We made teeny tiny balls and teeny tiny snakes. 

Joseph spent a long time exploring water in the sink today. We took out some food coloring and made the water all sorts of colors. He poured them together and created new colors. Dylan joined him and they worked side by side with the colors, requesting more drops every so often. 

The moon was out in the classroom yet again, and Juliet said, "It's night time." She pretended to sleep on the rug, under the light of the moon. 

Have a fantastic weekend- we hope everyone is back to school on Monday! Don't forget that next Friday, January 27th, is parent-teacher conferences. Let me know if you need to reschedule and we'll set a time and date. 

Today we received a letter AND packages from the Pre-K class. We were so excited to open up our mail! We also wrote a Thank You letter and hand delivered it to the Pre-K class. We hope they get a mailbox soon so we can continue our correspondence. 

Also- here are some wonderful books you might want to look into for your own personal use. They have a lot to do with the different stages of development of your young children. We use these books all the time to figure out what's going on in the brains of these two year olds and why they behave the way they do. 

Books & Songs

  • Subway, Five Little Monkeys, Go Away Big Green Monster, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Let's Go For a Drive, and The Wheels on the Bus at the Zoo
  • We sang: Good morning, One little finger (we pointed up, down, and then at different parts of the body), Days of the week & more

Art & Sensory

  • Painting in ziplock bags onto canvas
  • Epsom salt in our sensory table
  • Model magic
  • Water play at the sink

Math & Manipulatives

  • Foam shapes/tiles
  • Magna tiles on the small light table
  • Building with hollow blocks - We are trying to encourage more block building in the class

Dramatic Play

  • Dylan did more work with the slicing set in the kitchen today
  • Juju had lots of the stuffed animals having conversations with each other; she also answered the play phone and talked with her grandma. 

Music with Isabella

  • Today Isabella helped us make a guitar out of a shoebox! We added rubber bands for strings and created a bridge with pencils/chop sticks so the sound would be louder. The thin rubber bands created a higher pitch and the thicker ones made a lower pitch. It reminded us of the "boom-pah" sound of Tubby the Tuba. 


  • All three friends played so nicely together in the gym!  They would follow each other around, jump and wait for the next child to follow, and would play games trying to get each other unstuck from the gym equipment. They were so joyful!