Samuel also made a boat to sail on the sea (and when the car was in use, Rachel and Samuel pretended to put wheels on the boat so he could drive it home). 

Today we went on a fantastic imaginary play adventure in the gym. It all started because the wooden car was out and ready to drive. Samuel decided that he was going to the beach. He hopped on the car and started driving. When he got to the beach, he decided that he wanted to go swimming. To do this, he needed to take his pants off (of course- who goes swimming with their pants on!). Juliet and Zara went swimming with him. Samuel then realized he needed to find his goggles. But he made up a fun game about losing them and rushed to different parts of the gym to try and locate them. Finally he said, "The goggles are lost and I'm going to buy a new one." Janaris became the store clerk and helped with his purchase, complete with monetary exchange. Once the goggles were settled, Samuel announced- "My leg is broke and it hurts!" Juliet was driving the car and became the ambulance driver to take him to the hospital, and Zara became the doctor wanting to take care of his hurt leg. What brilliant imaginations! This is the longest "story" line that we have seen and cannot wait for more!

Books & Songs

  • We read: No David!, Let's Go For a Drive (An Elephant and Piggie book), Go Away Big Green Monster, Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • We sang: Good morning, Get up and dance, Days of the week, Oh Mr. Sun
  • We talked about the weather and how the sun was very warm today and melted all of the snow! That's why the sidewalks and roads are all wet. 


  • Today we worked on making the sun for our weather chart. Everyone watched Rachel trace a big circle (a lot like how they were using cups and bowls yesterday), and were very curious as she cut it out. 
  • Then we painted with different shades of yellow and gold (although Zara really wanted to add pink to the sun). 

Art & Sensory

  • Painting with a variety of colors
  • Model magic in neon colors
  • Painting the sun

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building kit
  • Duplo legos
  • Magna-tiles

Dramatic Play

  • In the kitchen, Sanjay made Daal, rice and ghee
  • Juju spent a lot of the morning taking photos and playing on the pretend phone
  • Samuel's baby came out and he fed it lots of strawberries. Zara overheard that Samuel needed strawberries so she went to the kitchen to find it for him. 
  • Kedar and Sanjay had a really fun time sharing a phone. Rachel kept making the ringing noise and they would answer the phone. 
  • Joseph took care of two babies and even shared his Elmo and Cookie Monster with the babies. Later he fed a different baby in the kitchen. 
  • Zara was taking lots of photos of Rachel today, perhaps inspired by our new "How do you feel?" area in our classroom. 

Music with Evan

  • Evan sang: Wake up, Row your boat, On our way to grandpa's farm, Twinkle Twinkle, and Goodbye song


  • Making up games in the gym to engage with one another in a more social context.