Today we decided to be really really messy (I think we'd like this to happen every day!!). So messy, in fact, that most of us needed to take our shirts off so we could get even messier! The best part of having no shirt on was that we could use our bellies to do some of the paint mixing for us. And our bodies became part of the process, and an art piece all on their own. Bowen make lines and shapes on her belly paint with her fingers. Finger painting is so wonderful for developing muscle memory so we can make clear shapes. It's also a great way to really see the process of cause and effect in action. We're learning about science and art as theory as the colors blend and mix. We're learning components of light and shadow as the shimmery paint catches our eyes in a totally different way. We start utilizing our voices and our storytelling as we swoosh our hands through the paint. We made lines that became snakes, circles that became apples and wheels, and splatters that caused laughter and so much joy in their shared painting experience. By working in close proximity, we are learning about sharing space, learning from others, observing how another person works, and adding to someone else's vision/story. Such fun!

Books & Songs

  • We did lots of reading this morning: The Sky is Falling, Go Away Big Green Monster, Owl Babies, The Wheels on the Bus at the Zoo, Five Stinky Socks, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star . . .
  • Here are some of our songs from the morning: Good morning, Jump in the water, Wheels on the bus, Hurry Hurry drive the firetruck, Days of the week & More
  • We played our hiding color game again. Today we had a lot of amazing participation! Juju and Zara are still masters of this game, and Bowen and Sanjay were really excelling too! As soon as the blue one went missing, Joseph was excited to shout "BLUE ONE!" We'll keep playing this fun game and add a few more games to circle time soon. 
  • Today we started talking about the weather. Thank you to those who sent photos of your children playing in the snow. We'll keep adding more photos as Winter progresses. Feel free to shoot me an email with photos anytime! Our conversation today was about the sunshine, and the sun that's yellow. Bowen told us about how the sky is blue, not yellow. Tomorrow we'll make our big sun for our weather chart. 

Art & Sensory

  • Drawing with markers. We learned a new trick today! If you find something that's round, like a cup or bowl, you can trace it to make a circle (similar to how some of us have discovered tracing our hands). 
  • Painting with red and yellow with paintbrushes
  • Finger painting group project
  • Green model magic- we made lots of snakes today!

Math & Manipulatives

  • Animals- making their sounds, grouping and categorizing them, stacking them and seeing which are bigger and smaller
  • Building with magna-tiles. Sanjay and Juju worked on a house together. Sanjay worked on the frame of the house while Juliet filled the inside of the house with different shapes.
  • Building with "Tinker toys"- we made a lot of "lollipops" and "people" with the different pieces. Some of the pieces are bendable and you can make some really interesting constructions. Rachel put together a piece that looked like the sun and Bowen proclaimed, "Oh, that's so nice!" Then Sanjay found a propeller piece and made himself a little helicopter.
  • Number puzzle at the table- matching the numeral to a picture with that amount of objects in it (ie the 1 matches with the image of 1 ladybug). 

Dramatic Play

  • Zara made a pasta lunch for Rachel. She brought over the little cooking pot, a teapot of water, a bowl, and a spoon to create the pasta. 
  • Samuel decided that there's also a baby in his tummy, much like Zara. Samuel's baby is a girl. He peeked under his shirt and said, "I am looking for my girl baby." 
  • Zara likes to be a doctor. She's been giving Rachel vaccinations every day. Today she asked, "Which shot do you like better?" (There's a plastic one and a wooden one). "I like the blue one." She replied, "OK, I use that one so it feel better for you." And then she pretended to apply a bandaid so it wouldn't hurt anymore. 
  • Juliet, Bowen, Sanjay, and Joseph took lots of photos with our non-working cameras today. They have been practicing so much! Juliet was so interested in capturing pictures of Pinky as the bunny hopped around the classroom and settled under the table. Soon we'll be ready to let them try out a real camera and take photos. 
  • Samuel became a construction worker and wore his vest most of the day. 


  • We had soccer with Coach Sabine today. Everyone did such an amazing job remembering to kick the ball with their feet!! I'm so proud of how far they have come with our soccer games on Wednesdays. 
  • We got to do a little obstacle course in soccer where we kicked a ball through a tunnel and then crawled through and finished with a goal! 
  • We did stretching and pretended to make tacos with our legs and feet.

If you missed the curriculum event last night, feel free to send questions about the 3's program my way and I can get them to Syd or Annabel for you. I hope you all stay with us at Buckle My Shoe so we can continue to see your little ones thrive and grow for another year or two :)