Welcome back to school! We had a very fun and busy Monday morning. We did many sensory art projects- not only are these very engaging (and great for getting kids to separate tear-free!), but it's also wonderful for their developing finger muscles. We want to make sure that their fingers are very strong so that when it's time to start writing they have dexterity and endurance. Plus, it's awfully exciting to be able to make a mess! And some kids really need sensory feedback and love putting paint, glue, and other smooth materials on their arms, faces, and bodies (Totally normal!).

Books & Songs

  • We read: Pete the Cat: Construction, DestructionAll Aboard!, Ones and Twos, Pete the Cat: Twinkle, Twinkle, Ten Gingerbread Men, Five Little Pumpkins
  • We sang: Around and around, There is a girl/boy in school today, Good morning, Ring around the rosy (We all stood up, held hands in a circle, and danced together), Row your boat (with a partner- we held hands and put our feet together and moved back and forth to row the boat). 

Art & Sensory

  • Squeezing glue bottles onto canvas and sprinkling salt. On Wednesday we'll drip watercolors and watch the salt absorb the liquid and make tye-dye like colors and effects.
  • Drawing with oil pastels
  • Drawing with markers
  • Painting circles of canvas for a mobile
  • Gluing buttons onto the wooden frames we painted last week

Math & Manipulatives

  • Working with "People" magnets. Sanjay, Ava and Bowen worked on matching circles together to get the magnets to stick. 
  • Colorful wooden blocks, matching colors and sizes
  • Building with legos at the light table

Dramatic Play

  • Wearing outfits and carrying around purses- role playing things that we see during our daily lives
  • Cooking lots of food- categorizing and sorting; i.e. putting drinks together and vegetables together
  • Using animals and dinosaurs and making their sounds


  • Our "My First Yoga" book. Everyone tried the poses today! We are really becoming comfortable with the routine. 
  • Gym time! We did a lot of climbing, running, swinging, and balancing on the beam.