This morning a new addition to our 2A classroom was waiting for us . . .Pinky the bunny! We are still waiting for her permanent home to arrive, so today she was inside a little travel carrier. We were able to open the door and peek in at her. She's still very shy as it's just her first day at Buckle My Shoe! As she stays in our environment for a while, she'll get used to us and be ready to come and hop around. We are going to continue to talk about safe ways to play with Pinky, and about all of the foods that it's OK for her to eat. If you have any bunny books at home, we'd love to read them- please let us know!

Books & Songs

  • We sang for circle time: Taxi song, Good morning, Around and around, Wheels on the bus, and Days of the week
  • We also continued with our routine of doing yoga after circle time. Ava was asking to do yoga all morning!
  • We did a lot of reading, as usual. Here are a select few: Steam Train, Dream Train, Such a Little Mouse, Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear?, Pete the Cat: Five LIttle Pumpkins & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Art & Sensory

  • Painting with liquid watercolors on canvas
  • Drawing with metallic solid tempera crayons
  • More tape explorations
  • Drawing with oil pastels

Math & Manipulatives

  • We found the blocks with our pictures on them! Everyone was saying things like, "This is the Samuel block," or "I found the Zara block!"
  • We had the blocks with pictures go down ramps and slides and had fun building things for them to climb on.
  • There was a continued effort to figure out all of the surfaces that Squigz can stick to!
  • Train tracks & trains


  • Swinging in the gym
  • Rocking in the wooden boat
  • Throwing balls
  • "Knocking" Rachel over and getting tickled!
  • Yoga in the classroom (ask your child how to take a Monkey breath ;) )


  • To take care of our rabbit, we can't pull on her water bottle. She needs the water available so she doesn't get sick or too hot. 
  • We can bring in carrots to feed to Pinky- we can't feed her toys!
  • Pinky is nervous about loud noises right now, so we need to be quiet so she can get used to us.