Hiding in the tunnel! Angelo was excited to help me count how many friends could fit inside. 

Circle time is definitely a grounding and centering force in our classroom. As soon as we start singing and dancing together, all the tensions and anxieties float away for a little while. Everyone has brilliantly been announcing his or her name when their turn comes, and we've been singing silly songs to get everyone happy and smiling. We love circle time so much that we did it twice today! We sat together before gym, and then before lunch. And of course we continued to practice yoga before lunch time. Every day more and more friends are trying out the poses and are excited to see which animal we are going to turn into next. 

Our first experience with glue! Sometimes glue is a little more approachable if it's colored. Paint is something that's more familiar and helps us feel comfortable with this new sticky substance!

Books & Songs

  • We read many books today, here's a selection: If You're a Robot and You Know it, Owl's Night, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, Five Little Pumpkins (a different version!), Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star . . .
  • We sang many song as well. Here are a few stand outs: Around and around, Jump in the water, Open Shut Them, Wheels on the bus, Days of the week (I keep forgetting to put this, but we have been singing the days of the week song each morning to familiarize ourselves with the days. This will become clearer once we have specialists and know that, for example, we have French every Monday), Old MacDonald (can you believe it, Bowen insisted that Old MacDonald has an elephant on his farm!)

Art & Sensory

  • Colored glue and wood circles on a large board
  • Watercolor painting on our canvas drawings
  • Tape- pulling, pinching, ripping, and placing
  • Contact paper with pom-poms and feathers
  • Painting at the easel with red, yellow and blue
  • Popping the bubbles on bubble wrap sheets both with our fingers, pressing it on our faces, and trying to stomp on the bubbles on the floor.

Math & Manipulatives

  • Lots of building with blocks today. We're most interested in the cylinder blocks and stacking them like a tower. We get very very excited when three or more successfully stack without tipping over. 
  • Hollow blocks. Instead of really building with them, right now everyone is more focused on taking all of the blocks off of the shelf and then figuring out how to put them back on; much like working on a puzzle. They are learning concepts of space, size, weight, shape relationships (like two ramps equal one rectangle), and self sufficiency in being able to clean up.
  • Squigz- these were super fun today! We did some experiments on what they would stick to. Camden and Bowen thought they might stick to Rachel's nose. They didn't. They did, however, stick to the back of the block shelf! Camden also tried to stick it to his own nose to no avail! Then we used ALL of our strong muscles to pull the squigz off of the furniture. Sometimes we pulled so hard that we would fall down when they detached!
  • Counting- we have been counting anything and everything. We all counted how many feet we have while reading The Foot Book. We also sang a song to the tune of ABC and used it to count to twenty. 

Dramatic Play

  • Samuel did SO much cooking today. He kept making plates of food and would rush to the carpet saying, "Dinner time!" Then he'd giggle as he'd refuse to share the dinner with anyone. He also made many plates of food for the blue dinosaur to eat. 
  • We have noticed that Rachel, Ty, and Janaris take a lot of pictures. This has been coming out in our own play. Many friends have found our play cameras in the dramatic play area and have been reenacting the photo taking. We hear lots of "Say CHEESE!" and camera practice. Although the kids are always a bit disappointed that their cameras don't turn on. We'll have to find a way to get some digital cameras in their hands so they can start taking real photos. 


  • Bubble blowing, catching, and popping
  • We took lots of pictures in the gym because we are going to make special blocks for our block shelf! They should be ready by Friday once I can take everyone else's photo tomorrow. 
  • Going through the tunnel
  • Driving on the car
  • Smiling and making friends as we play in the gym together!
  • Yoga poses before lunchtime