This morning went so smoothly! Parents, thank you so much for all of your assistance. I think everyone is really getting settled now and it should be much easier from here on out!

You might notice that our days have a bit of repetition to them. We've been reading some of the same stories and singing the same songs. After we get used to being here with our new friends and teachers we will start to vary them a little more, but for now there is comfort in our repetition and it becomes something the children count on and look forward to during the day.

Despite the rain, we had a joyful morning together. Everyone is starting to understand our morning routine, and will even ask to do things we did last week. For example, after circle time Zara requested our yoga book. 

Books & Songs

  • During circle time we sang: Good morning (Good morning to Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Good morning to you Rachel, may I shake your hand?), Around and around (Around and around is the name of the game, around and around and what's your name? Rachel. Rachel is in school today, Rachel is in school, yay!), Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and Happy and You Know it.
  • We practiced our yoga book after circle. We go through a series of animal poses: Monkey (where we take a big deep breath to ground us), Giraffe, Flamingo, Dog, Cat, Cow, Snake, Lion, Butterfly, Turtle, and then we sit criss cross and hold our hands together to sing, "My little light shines to your little light, your little light, your little light. My Little light shines to your little light, Namaste."
  • We did lots more reading today including: Creepy Carrots, Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I'm a Little Teapot, All Aboard!, Five Green and Speckled Frogs . . and more!

Art & Sensory

  • Painting with watercolor palettes- Bowen painted her hands and arms, too!
  • Clay on the ground with popsicle sticks- Dylan used his strong finger muscles to rip pieces of clay off of the block.
  • Rice and heart shaped pasta in the sensory bin
  • Drawing with egg shaped crayons at the easel- Ava, Zara and Bowen figured out they could make some really loud music by bumping the crayons against the easel
  • Drawing with markers- Ava drew tiger stripes on her arms and lots of circles on her paper
  • Using tape- figuring out how to rip it, getting it unstuck from our hands, arms and feet, and just experimenting with what tape can do. Hamish kept getting the tape stuck to his body and would say, "Stuck, stuck, help!" Zara was also getting the tape stuck to her body but she would be patient and figure out a way to get it off of herself. Angelo really wanted all of the tape to be unstuck to itself so he spent a lot of time trying to get it straight again.

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building with blocks- building little areas for animals to hide
  • Hamish did some building with cylinder blocks and was really proud when he could stack three of them on top of each other, and then he'd laugh when the tower would tip over. 
  • Angelo made a lot of lego cars and did a lot of building with lego bricks at the light table
  • Squigz and sticking them on the light
  • Puzzles


  • In the gym we did more swinging, playing basketball, going down the slide, and trying to fit all the balls into a basket. 
  • Yoga in the classroom

Dramatic Play

  • Lots of doctor play
  • Feeding our giraffe
  • Pretending to take photos