Hi parents and families!

Welcome to our little class blog! Every day Rachel will be updating the blog with the "juicy" moments from the day so you can keep a constant dialogue with your child about school and you'll also be able to help us out with your ideas on how to push our curriculum forward. Our goal is to keep everyone on the same page- if you ever have any questions, I'm a stop-in, phone call, or email away. 

Yes- please share this blog with grandparents and close family. But please don't post pictures of other children on social media without their parent's permission. Let's respect the privacy of each family.

We are so looking forward to meeting you and your children! This is going to be a spectacular year of growth and transformation with your little two year olds. In addition to our regular curriculum, we'll also be doing in-depth explorations of music. So many possibilities: instrument creation, writing our own songs, collecting sounds, making sounds, and sharing our theories all the way through. If you have any insight into music, instrumentation or sound, please share! We'd love to fill our year with concerts and visitors who can help us learn as much as possible about music and sound. Thanks for your help!

Don't forget that school is all about experiences, and with the twos, a lot of those new experiences incorporate the flexibility to get very messy and dirty. We truly respect your outfits and want to know if there are items that should not get dirty. Please let us know, and send in clothes that can be covered in paints, clays, and whatever else we get our hands on this year. 

Here we go. The first few days are the hardest as we lean on each other and embark on this new adventure together, but it's such a valuable experience!